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This text opens the tag "Only English" - articles written for people who already know some English. Wanna get there? Start studying now!

(Este texto abre a etiqueta "Apenas Inglês" - artigos escritos para pessoas que já sabem algum inglês. Quer chegar lá? Comece a estudar!)


There are many excuses that students make for not studying English; here are some of them:

-I don't have time.
-I'm too old to learn anything.
-I hate English.
- I have more important things to do.
-It's too difficult!
-I think I'll finish college before.
-I have to go to the gym.   


If you are in the work market nowadays, or if you intend to be - especially if you are studying to become or already are a system analyst, an engineer, a travel agent, a flight attendant, a tourist guide, a hotel receptionist, a multinational company manager etc... , you already know the importance of English. These days, knowing how to speak fluent English is not a differential anymore; it's a requirement! And you know about it!

Whoever intends to work in one of the areas above - and in many others - should consider learning English more carefully. Ask yourself these questions:

-How long do I spend in front of the TV / on the internet / sleeping / drinking beer with my friends / at the gym? Will I get a job by continuing this way?
-If I don't know how to speak English, will it be possible to get a job in my area? 
-Not knowing English makes me more competitive in the work market? 
-Will Google Translator solve all my problems and speak for me during a business presentation, a trip abroad or a job interview?

👀 👂

You know the answers: NO!!! No Way! 

If you think you'll survive in today's business world without knowing English, you're only fooling yourself!

It's about time you set priorities; for example: instead of going to the gym three times a week, couldn't you do it just twice and attend an English course once a week? Instead of watching TV or enjoying Netflix in your free time, don't you think it would be possible to make time for your English studies? 

The decision is yours. Set priorities! Learn English! 

Or cry out loud later, when you miss the chance of that job opportunity...  😪😪😪😪😪😪

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  1. Boa tarde, o inglês é essencial para entrar no mercado do trabalho em muitas e muitas áreas, actualmente uma boa parte dos alunos e não só, estão optar pelo chinês, considero que antes de aprender qualquer língua, deve-se dar a preferência ao inglês.
    Sr.ª professora, fique bem,


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