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If You Want to Know...

Hi, guys!

I decided to write this text – and it has nothing to do with teaching English or English students – because lately I’ve been having a lot of people contact me on Whatsapp in order to, supposedly, get to know more about my lessons with the “intention” of becoming my students. The funny thing is, they look very enthusiastic at first, both about my lessons and also about me and my prices, and then suddenly – usually after I ask if they would be interested in coming for a free sample lesson -  they say that they don’t have time to talk at that moment and that they would call me later. Some of them were even rude for no reason.

The thing is: they never call, never send another message, and many of them suddenly disappear from my Whatsapp. 

Someone told me that maybe I’ve been a victim of curiosity. That made me think it might be true!

I suddenly realized that the questions they ask follow the same pattern, and when asked about who indicated me to them, they always refer to the same ex-student, who is someone with a very common name, and I believe every English teacher has had someone in their classroom with that name. 

I don’t know if these people are only curious about me and my methods or if they are other teachers who see me as their competitor. Well, I am not! I work at home, and I work alone. Most of my students are individual students, and I hardly ever have a group. So... you will always have more students than me!

For this reason, in order to avoid being caught in this kind of curiosity trap again, I’ll make things clear about myself because I have nothing to hide:

-I’ve been teaching English for 26 years now – 13 of them working at home.

- I decided to teach at my own house because I no longer wanted to work at places that valued  methodology as the most important thing, and not the students’ needs. I don’t think that a methodology can help all the students.

-I never mention the duration of a course because every student is different, and has different difficulties. Besides, learning a language is an endless process which should never finish, and every person should know what their needs and goals are, and when they feel ready to communicate confidently and accurately. When someone asks me: “How long will it take me to speak fluently?” I always answer that it depends on a series of factors. And it does!

-I do not teach online. 

-I do not prepare for Cambridge exams, IELTS, TOEFEL and others.

- I do not use text books in my lessons. I'm not a book presenter. I prefer to use my own material, which consists of magazine and newspaper articles, grammar lessons that I prepare myself – most of them, – songs, videos and so on. 

-Prices? Well, from now on, if you want to know about how much I charge for my lessons, you should come for a sample lesson. That one is free!

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  1. Bom dia amiga!
    Desculpe minha ausência é que fiz uma cirurgia e logo em seguida meu marido teve que fazer duas de emergência e tive que ficar afastada do PC.
    estamos bem graças a Deus.
    Aos poucos estarei voltando, beijinhos no coração.


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